CoinDesk Large Cap Select Index
Historical Rates and Volumes
Latest DLCS
1H %:0.00%
24H %:0.00%
Base level:1,000
Base date:04/04/2022
Constituent Assets
AssetSupplyReference Price24H VolIndex Weight
Grayscale Digital Large Cap Fund (OTCQX: GDLC)
TypePrice (USD)Premium24H Vol
Market Price---
CoinDesk Large Cap Select Index

The CoinDesk Large Cap Select Index (DLCS) is designed to measure the market-capitalization weighted performance of some of the largest and most liquid digital assets classified in DACS that meet certain trading and custody requirements.

The index is based on the Digital Asset Classification Standard (DACS). Digital assets must be included in DACS to be eligible for inclusion. For more information on DACS including sector definitions, please refer to the DACS glossary available on https://www.coindesk/com/indices/

Please refer to the CoinDesk Large Cap Select Index Methodology for more details on Index Eligibility and Construction.

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