Additional $2.1M Seized from Mt. Gox Accounts – Now Over $5M Total


On Monday, the executed seizure warrant for Mt. Gox’s account with Dwolla was published, showing $2.9 million was seized by the US government. According to documents obtained today by TGB’s research staff from the records of the District Court of Maryland, more than $2.1 million was also seized from two of Mt. Gox’ Wells Fargo accounts – totaling to more than $5 million seized from Mt. Gox accounts by the US government.

As stated in both warrants, Mt. Gox CEO Mark Karpeles’ failed to indicate on Mutum Sigillum LLC’s (Mt. Gox) account application that the company would be acting in the capacity of a Money Service Business. Both warrants also state that “According to FinCEN records on May 6, 2013, neither Mt. Gox nor the subsidiary, Mutum Sigillum LLC, is registered as a Money Service Business.”

One of the accounts at Wells Fargo was registered to Mutum Sigillum LLC, the same entity associated with the Dwolla account. The second Wells Fargo account seized was in the name of Mark Karpeles himself. According to documents, “Bank records also show a transfer of $50,000 in January 2012… to the personal account at Wells Fargo in the name of Mark Karpeles.”

The executed seizure warrant was filed on June 19, just one day before Mt. Gox announced they were suspending USD withdrawals, indicating the two events are likely related. Withdrawal delays have extended far beyond the two-week period originally stated by Mt. Gox in their announcement, with customers reporting waiting periods of seven weeks or more before receiving their funds.

The full court filings are below.


Original Seizure Warrant

Executed Mt. Gox Seizure Warrant


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