TradeBlock Now Powering Genesis Trading


loginTradeBlock now serves as the analytics and execution tool set for Genesis Trading, a division of SecondMarket, Inc. As one of the largest and most widely known digital currency trading desks in the industry, the Genesis team requires highly sophisticated tools. Accordingly, TradeBlock Professional was a natural fit.

Over the last two years, the growth of institutional bitcoin trading has driven demand for a variety of products and services. In particular, the over-the-counter digital currency market has flourished by offering a network of deep, instant liquidity directly between financial institutions and their counterparties. Initially managed via telephone and emails, TradeBlock has helped bring that market into an organized and largely automated environment.

As Genesis’ counterparties have noticed, the firm has transitioned their OTC activity onto a custom implementation of the TradeBlock platform, which combines automated alerts with record keeping and communication tools. TradeBlock Professional clients know the premium version of the platform also includes cross-exchange execution, wallet integrations, KYC/AML automation, portfolio tools, and exportable records, all on top of the world’s most powerful suite of market and block chain data analytics.

We’re proud to support the efforts of the world’s leading digital currency companies and look forward to working with the Genesis team for a long time to come.


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