TGB Launches Bitcoin Market Dashboard


The Genesis Block is proud to announce the launch of the Bitcoin Market Dashboard, the first in a series of free tools we’re developing for the bitcoin community.

Our team was looking for a single reference we could leave open to stay fully updated on the market. Since nothing available fit our needs, we built the Market Dashboard and are more than happy to share it with the world. A brief feature overview is below.

Live and Historical Data

As our readers know by now, understanding the bitcoin market requires far more than the latest exchange rate. To help you gain perspective, we included a number of tools to supplement the standard price and volume chart.

news flags

Historical perspective. Instantly.


All the news that’s fit to bit

On the bottom of the price chart you’ll notice a series of flags going back through early 2011. Each of them corresponds with a news article from that day, hand picked by our team to give you deeper perspective on market-moving events over time. Just click the flag to see the headline, or click the headline to read the full article.

You’ll also find a number of chart settings to help you customize your experience. In addition to multiple chart types (candlestick, line, OHLC), we also offer the option for a logarithmic y-axis – a particularly important tool when looking at historical trends, given bitcoin’s incredible growth over time. You can also customize up to two simultaneous moving averages by number of periods and MA type. Finally, for the more technical analysts, you can also set customizable bollinger bands.

To help you stay apprised of the market without having to leave the dashboard, the news column on the left side the screen is automatically and perpetually updated to help you stay on top of the latest headlines.

Order Book – Live Feed and Depth Chart

On the bottom and right side of the screen you can view a market depth chart alongside live exchange order book data, sortable by price intervals. Not interested in order books? No problem, simply click the ‘Expand’ option above the live price chart to view only price and volume data.

We’re Just Getting Started

In addition to the functionality available today, we will continually add to the Market Dashboard, including a robust set of currencies and exchanges, technical analysis features, mobile optimization and a few other fun surprises.

As mentioned previously, this is but the first in a series of new products we’re releasing for you in the coming weeks, so keep an eye out for additional features and all-new tools to make your bitcoin experience better than ever.

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