Butterfly Labs Finishes Shipping June 2012 5 GH/s Pre-orders


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Butterfly Labs claims they have shipped all Jalapeno 5 GH/s ASIC bitcoin miners ordered through July 3rd, 2012 have been shipped. ASIC miners are customized hardware used for bitcoin mining. Although Butterfly labs was one of the first companies to take pre-orders for ASIC hardware, Avalon and ASICMiner have been shipping for several months now.

Butterfly Labs has been plagued with power issues for months, perpetually telling miners they are two weeks away from delivery. They missed their power target, forcing them to forfeit 1,000 bitcoins to charity after a failed wager. The size of these 5 GH/s miners is over twice as big as originally forecast to accommodate the redesigned boards.


Old Form Factor vs New

There is no word yet on expected deliveries of their 30 GH/s, 60 GH/s or 1,500 GH/s miners shipping yet. These units are expected to have similar size issues as the 5 GH/s miners and there are rumors that Butterfly Labs will ship multiple units to customers in order to achieve the expected hashing rate. Certainly, after a year of waiting, most customers will be happy to just start mining. Any pre-orders placed now for any of Butterfly Lab’s units are not expected to ship until early 2014.


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