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Axoni Launched to Provide Permissioned Ledger Technology

TradeBlock is excited to support the launch of Axoni, a new company focused exclusively on the permissioned ledger space. Created by the founders of TradeBlock, Axoni has been working diligently with some of the world’s largest financial institutions and service providers, many for as long as eighteen months, in an effort to bring blockchain technology to global capital markets.

Importantly, the establishment of Axoni does not mean the end of TradeBlock. Our view remains that the value and potential of fully decentralized, permissionless blockchains cannot be understated. However, there is an increasingly distinct divide between the needs of public and private blockchain end users. Our clients and the public bitcoin/ethereum community can continue counting on TradeBlock’s best-in-class trading tools and blockchain data analytics. Moreover, the TradeBlock team will both grow and be able to focus exclusively on building tools for public blockchain assets.

Permissionless blockchains achieve a near-miraculous balance between economic and technical factors, resulting in an international experiment unlike anything the world has seen before. As one of few companies to successfully build a sustainable business around public blockchain networks, we’re excited to continue facilitating their growth. As a brief glimpse into why we continue to be excited by these markets:

  • The TradeBlock Professional platform realized triple-digit growth rates in 2015. As the world’s leading bitcoin OMS,  the cumulative volume of trades tickets processed by our clients using TradeBlock Pro eclipsed the volume of every unlevered XBT / USD exchange on roughly half of the trading days in the first two months of this year


  • TradeBlock’s XBX Index continues to strengthen its position as the world’s leading institutional benchmark for the price of bitcoin, approaching $75M of outstanding derivative assets relying on XBX as a benchmark rate


  • The combination of a strong pipeline of major funds entering the space via the TradeBlock network and the burgeoning Ethereum market give us reason to believe we’re still in the earliest days of permissionless blockchain asset markets


  • Advances in the underlying protocols (e.g. Segregated Witness, Sharding Scaffolding, etc.) will offer uniquely interesting opportunities to continue the research and analytical reports on which our firm was originally built

We’re as excited as ever about the prospects for TradeBlock and look forward to continuing our contributions to the market and community.

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